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Orion PJ Pulse Permanent Jewelry welder by Sunstone

Orion PJ Pulse Permanent Jewelry welder by Sunstone

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The Orion PJ

  • Simple touchscreen control
  • Power ranges from 1-15 Joules
  • The only permanent jewelry welder™ specifically designed for the PJ artist!
  • Quality US Manufacturing and US-based Customer Service
  • 2-year Warranty

The Orion PJ was designed and built specifically for permanent jewelry artists. You won’t find any other permanent jewelry welder better fit for fine chain welding, remote locations, and convenient cable management. The Orion PJ has the ideal energy range for permanent jewelry welding, with smart energy control, extended cable lengths, and cable management features that make working pop-up’s and other remote work areas much easier. 

The Ideal Energy Range 

The Orion PJ has an energy range of 1 to 15 joules. As a PJ artist, you’ll enjoy the low end of the energy range when working with very fine chain. And on the high end, you’ll feel prepared for any situation that may require more energy than usual. 

Smart Energy Control 

With the Orion PJ you can change the energy in half-jewel increments, a highly valuable feature when working with different types of chain. Half-jewel increments allow you to fine tune your energy to produce the perfect weld. For example, when 4 joules is too much energy, but 3 joules is not enough energy, being able to set the energy level at 3.5 joules will deliver just the right amount of energy for beautiful results. 

Longer Stylus Cord 

For anklets, a longer stylus cord simplifies the effort needed to reach a customer’s ankle. The Orion PJ comes standard with a three-foot stylus cord, letting you reach farther than other Orion models. Moreover, you can purchase an extension cord that will let you extend the electrode up to nine feet from the power source. 

Convenient Push Cord Connection 

When packing for pop-up’s and other remote events, the Orion PJ’s stylus cord completely disconnects from the power source for easier packing. With the cord unattached, the Orion PJ will fit in tight boxes. 

Longer Grounding Cord 

Complimenting the longer stylus cord is a longer grounding cord. For those times when you need to stretch to reach an ankle, a longer grounding cord comes in handy! 

Orion PJ permanent jewelry welder with custom background color options

Custom Software Background 

Permanent jewelry artists can customize the Orion PJ’s software to match their brand. With a quick touch of a button, you can choose from nine different background colors to suit your style. The default orange is our favorite, of course, but now you can customize the background to fit your mood! 

Use the Orion PJ's digital touchscreen to control safety, energy, and configuration features.

Digital Touchscreen Control 

The hallmark of every Orion welder is digital control of the welder’s various features. The Orion PJ is no exception, sporting a 272 x 480 pixel (2.83 x 5 inches), bright touchscreen. With a quick touch of the finger you’ll be able to control all welder functions. 

Safety Welder Locks 

The Orion PJ comes with two safety features to prevent accidental energy discharge. The Weld On/Weld Off button is your primary safety feature; you cannot weld when the button is off. The Lock button will allow you to weld but won’t allow energy changes to be made while the button is the lock mode. 


We ship in USA 🇺🇸, Canada 🇨🇦, Europe 🇪🇺

How long does it take to receive my welder?: After ordering your welder with us, turnaround time averages 5-7 business days. Once it has been shipped we will Send the tracking number.


Is there a warranty on this welder?: Yes, you will receive a warranty through Sunstone. With any questions about this warranty, please contact Sunstone customer support.

There is a mechanical problem with my welder, whom do I contact?: If you have a mechanical issue, please contact the Sunstone technical support team- or call +1 801-658-0015

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